Africa Day at the Seniors Club

by | Jun 25, 2017

On 25 May 2017, the Seniors Club took a short walk to visit the Ranelagh Arts Centre where an African Art Exhibition was on display as part of the Africa Day celebrations. On returning to the Cuisle Centre the group sat together to play Mancala,  a strategic board game played in parts of Africa and Asia. This game can be often played with stones or marbles using holes in sand as a board. The Africans in our group tried with some difficulty to explain the rules, but luckily Heather smoothed the way by reading out the “official” rules outlined our packs. The group had lots of fun competing against each other. At tea time, Aminah, originally from Uganda, shared some hair-raising stories about her travels around Africa. With the warm sunlight streaming into the hall and our imaginations previously by the primed brilliant artwork, we were easily transported to the lively African scenes.

Source: flickr/angiesix


The Cuisle Centre Seniors Club meets on the last Thursday of every month. We offer a range of activities intended to enrich the lives of senior citizens in the community. We welcome anyone 55 years and older to come along. Hot and cold beverages and light refreshments are served after the day’s activities. Attendance is free, no advanced booking is required.

Our next meeting: Thursday 29 June, 2.30pm to 4pm
Topic: Introduction to the French Horn – Adriano Sapucaia, a member of the Dublin Symphony Orchestra will share musical pieces on the French horn and pull the instrument apart to show its inner mechanics.

Featured image: flickr/Kirsty Johnson